Broadcast & Production

Broadcast & Production is a professional technical monthly publication to introduce the latest practical technology, product information, technical trend and information in today's international industry of radio or television. It is the most popular and most influential professional journal. It is published by IMAS Media Exhibition (Int’l) Ltd., printing about 23,000 copies per issue. Broadcast & Production is free and sent more than 22,000 copies across the country to all levels of radio, television, cable television departments, and other video and audio units, or technology, research and other qualified professionals.

Founded in 1995, materials of Broadcast & Production are new, comprehensive, and fast, so it is welcome and loved by readers. The readers continue to expand, and now has become the industry's most influential technology publication.

Broadcast & Production delivers the latest technology and product information of radio and television to the readers and manufacturers. Lively layout and beautiful print of the publication covers contents of radio, television, cable television, several aspects of multimedia. Moreover, it covers columns of News, Latest Products, Video Observation, Server and Network, Digital Television, Cable Television, Art and Creation, Production Manager, Editor Focus, Buying Guide and other sections.

Each issue of Broadcast & Production has a theme. All coverage is focused around the theme to report. At the same time, it also includes industry reports of large-scale exhibitions and other activities. We not only have famous experts and scholars to write articles, but also have ordinary technical staff to write experience and feeling, as well as introduction of latest product. Informative articles are big, useful, and readable, as well as a bridge between manufacturers and readers, to serve both of them.

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